Lately I've noticed you creeping slowly
Snaking your sinuous way
Across patches of earth unnoticed
Weaving boldly up whitened walls
Your bold glossy heart-shaped leaves
Fluttering above the Autumn foliage
All innocence as you herald the impending decay

The camouflaged fencing is leaning under your weight
The rotted posts rooted in breathless air
The bush is bound
The dry branch breaks to the touch
Latching and lacing your greedy twine
Sucking the sap
Splitting the stone
Choking, chiding, reminding

You caught me unawares
Sensing that this neglected patch was yours for the taking
Tunnelling under my feet
Trailing into my thoughts
Rooting into my core
And taking the fading light
From the failing morn

But I have woken from this slumber
And know now that I must root you out
From every shade and shadow
And bound you up
Until at last I leave the fallow
And you come tapping at my window

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