Cycling stories to entertain and inspire

British Summer Time MMXX

When the petals fall
We will gnash our teeth and wail
Falling like confetti 
Into freshly hewn coffins

Silenced. The vapour-streaked skies
Returned once more to the drone of flies,
The staccato cries of seagulls,
The lengthening rays of warmer days

On the hot earth
The scampering paws will barely pause
To the sound of lamentations
To those fallen before their time

When the fruits fall beneath the rustling leaves
Will we pause and bow before the plentiful earth,
And be minded of the harvested sheaves
The silent reaper bequeaths?

The book of condolences
Lies open among the fallen leaves -
Might that the worms take our offering.
Upon Remembrance may we remember
Our place in the natural order of things.
As it was in the beginning,
And shall forever be,
World without end.


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