5 positive things that the plague brought us

A British perspective A massive reduction in traffic Who would have thought in those distant days of Greta Thunberg and climate activists that we would now emerge into a world almost devoid of traffic? The skies that were filled with the deafening screech of jet engines, the dull roar of passing planes, the throbbing andContinue reading “5 positive things that the plague brought us”

More of the same, sir?

And when all this is over, Will we just close the car door to that reassuring clunk, And join the endless stream of tail-lights into the bright neon night; And numberless jets leave vapour-trails across the hazy skies; And sickening pangolins and bats lie twitching in the sterilized luggage holds? “Bloody well hope so!”, breathedContinue reading “More of the same, sir?”

Lament Upon An English Country Churchyard

Here, in this English country churchyard Let us rest for a while. Upon the earth, From which we … Unto which we … Silent now, Save the droning of the bumble bee, Drunk upon the abundance of blossom, Blooming over the socially-distanced plots – As it the fallen might catch a fever. Let us restContinue reading “Lament Upon An English Country Churchyard”

Getting Yoga Done, Part 2

A series of reflections from a complete yoga novice Breathing in Read Part 1 here I did this session a few times more, and then something fortuitous happened. At work the old print-room had been converted into a Wellbeing Room. Where a couple of staff had once sweated over photocopying machines and binders, newer andContinue reading “Getting Yoga Done, Part 2”

British Summer Time MMXX

When the petals fall We will gnash our teeth and wail Falling like confetti Into freshly hewn coffins Silenced. The vapour-streaked skies Returned once more to the drone of flies, The staccato cries of seagulls, The lengthening rays of warmer days On the hot earth The scampering paws will barely pause To the sound ofContinue reading “British Summer Time MMXX”

Getting Yoga Done, Part 1

A series of reflections from a complete yoga novice Getting grounded on earth Being a reasonably hardened cyclist with some hefty long-distance rides under my belt I felt reasonably confident that I’d find yoga pretty easy. After flicking through a number of videos on YouTube I settled on one called “Yoga for cyclists” by aContinue reading “Getting Yoga Done, Part 1”