More of the same, sir?

And when all this is over, Will we just close the car door to that reassuring clunk, And join the endless stream of tail-lights into the bright neon night; And numberless jets leave vapour-trails across the hazy skies; And sickening pangolins and bats lie twitching in the sterilized luggage holds? “Bloody well hope so!”, breathedContinue reading “More of the same, sir?”

Lament Upon An English Country Churchyard

Here, in this English country churchyard Let us rest for a while. Upon the earth, From which we … Unto which we … Silent now, Save the droning of the bumble bee, Drunk upon the abundance of blossom, Blooming over the socially-distanced plots – As it the fallen might catch a fever. Let us restContinue reading “Lament Upon An English Country Churchyard”

British Summer Time MMXX

When the petals fall We will gnash our teeth and wail Falling like confetti Into freshly hewn coffins Silenced. The vapour-streaked skies Returned once more to the drone of flies, The staccato cries of seagulls, The lengthening rays of warmer days On the hot earth The scampering paws will barely pause To the sound ofContinue reading “British Summer Time MMXX”

Daffodils on St David-19’s Day

After storms and floods From all man’s ills I rest from howling gale Beside sweet daffodils Fair the light this David’s Day They bend their heads as if in prayer And take a moment to reflect The monk who refrained from ale and meat From flesh came this plague that sweeps the Earth And toContinue reading “Daffodils on St David-19’s Day”

Snowdrops Upon Brexit Day

First flower of the warming earth I rest beside thee on this hillside’s girth, And watch thee dancing in the frenzied breeze The dazzling sun its rays to please. It says these days of cold shall cease Your brilliant bells of radiance shine And with such silence gloriously chime Ring in the Spring! Ring outContinue reading “Snowdrops Upon Brexit Day”

Dawn upon Camphire Bridge

That cold clear summer’s morning I beheld thee Still as glass beneath a sky clear and fair Numb with cold I stood transfixed by dawning day And the weariness of those long cycled miles Under the beating sun, and a fulsome moon Had soaked my bones with sweet Irish marsh marrow And melted my heavyContinue reading “Dawn upon Camphire Bridge”

The winter hill

What way is this,Heft o’er hugging hills?Who thought to place you hereFar above the comfort of rambling valley lane – Lost amidst the chilling mists?Why do I seek your gravelly way,Stretching through the contoured clarts?Where wheels slide and slipThrough leaf-strewn mireWhile aching limbs burn and tire.Where others pause or turn the heelThe randonneur will gripContinue reading “The winter hill”