5 positive things that the plague brought us

A British perspective A massive reduction in traffic Who would have thought in those distant days of Greta Thunberg and climate activists that we would now emerge into a world almost devoid of traffic? The skies that were filled with the deafening screech of jet engines, the dull roar of passing planes, the throbbing andContinue reading “5 positive things that the plague brought us”

Lament Upon An English Country Churchyard

Here, in this English country churchyard Let us rest for a while. Upon the earth, From which we … Unto which we … Silent now, Save the droning of the bumble bee, Drunk upon the abundance of blossom, Blooming over the socially-distanced plots – As it the fallen might catch a fever. Let us restContinue reading “Lament Upon An English Country Churchyard”

Daffodils on St David-19’s Day

After storms and floods From all man’s ills I rest from howling gale Beside sweet daffodils Fair the light this David’s Day They bend their heads as if in prayer And take a moment to reflect The monk who refrained from ale and meat From flesh came this plague that sweeps the Earth And toContinue reading “Daffodils on St David-19’s Day”