Snowdrops Upon Brexit Day

First flower of the warming earth I rest beside thee on this hillside’s girth, And watch thee dancing in the frenzied breeze The dazzling sun its rays to please. It says these days of cold shall cease Your brilliant bells of radiance shine And with such silence gloriously chime Ring in the Spring! Ring outContinue reading “Snowdrops Upon Brexit Day”

Dawn upon Camphire Bridge

That cold clear summer’s morning I beheld thee Still as glass beneath a sky clear and fair Numb with cold I stood transfixed by dawning day And the weariness of those long cycled miles Under the beating sun, and a fulsome moon Had soaked my bones with sweet Irish marsh marrow And melted my heavyContinue reading “Dawn upon Camphire Bridge”


Lately I’ve noticed you creeping slowlySnaking your sinuous way Across patches of earth unnoticedWeaving boldly up whitened wallsYour bold glossy heart-shaped leaves Fluttering above the Autumn foliageAll innocence as you herald the impending decayThe camouflaged fencing is leaning under your weightThe rotted posts rooted in breathless airThe bush is boundThe dry branch breaks to theContinue reading “Ivy”

Lane to Killarney

What lane is thisLost in these soft folds of green?Who wove your wayWandering around yonder bend?Bedecked with fully unfurled fern,The mossy trail trails away …A solemn silence, saveSweet sound of bird unseenWho trampled your wayLeg-worn and weary,Wandering homeward With flock or herd?This sunken cottage overgrown -Tumbled timbersSagging stoneThe welcome-worn doorstep youSo well knew has mossyContinue reading “Lane to Killarney”

The Autumn Randonneur

Down sunken lane Up misty vale The randonneur will go While falling leaves And chilling breeze The randonneur will know Of moments passing with friends a-chatting And of many miles to go   The sunrise over frosted fields The vapoured light begins to glow And spinning steady onwards, upwards The randonneur will go. Throughout theContinue reading “The Autumn Randonneur”